Jewelry Care

As your handmade bedoco jewelry is delicate and precious – like the world we live in – it should always be protected and handled with care. When exposed to elements such as perfume, lotion, chlorine, ocean water or even our skin’s natural oils, the metals will tarnish. With all this in mind, be guided by the name to remember how to care for your treasures:


  • Be bare when you swim, sweat or shower
  • Be mindful that the gold plating will slowly wear off if it comes in contact with harsh chemicals, body oils, and ocean or pool water
  • Do, however, apply your lotion, make-up and perfume before putting on your jewelry
  • Do love and protect your jewelry by storing it in its original box at the end of the day
  • Consider wearing your gold plate jewelry mainly on special occasions;
  • Conserve and restore the polished look by buffing with a jewelry cleaning cloth when needed