The OCEANA treasures...

Naturally-textured like the exotic deep-sea corals and sponges of our Southeast Asian oceans.

Sparkling Earth

Like beautiful raindrops of tropical storms reflecting in the sunlight,
colorful sparkling crystals enhance our dainty
necklace charms, rings and earrings.

Bali Bejeweled

Bali is more than a place. It’s a mood, it’s magical… It’s a tropical state of mind

Our Lates Collection

Pearls go with everything in a classy and Fabulous way

Be Inspired, Do Care, Connect

Beautiful unique design inspired by nature

Borneo's Treasures

Exploring one of the last, great tropical rainforests of Borneo
We were mesmerized by the beautiful, stately orangutans as well as the unique flora and fauna
from that special part of the world and this is the inspiration behind this collection.

Enameled Nature

Our hand-painted enamel jewelry collection
feels like you are wearing miniature works of colorful art.

Great Safari

Great Safari This is our original signature collection
which was inspired by our love of all the animals we encountered during our safari adventures.
We wanted jewelry we could wear which would make us feel like we are right back in Africa.