About Our Jewelry

be.do.co pieces are made with high quality precious metals: silver, brass, bronze, white bronze and copper, sometimes combined with beads of metal and semi-precious stones. The jewelry is handcrafted by silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia, and so not every piece will be exactly the same – in the slight variations there is a unique beauty.

The be.do.co specialty is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% silver combined with an anti-tarnish alloy. Some of our silver designs are finished with a high polish, whilst others appear darker as they are finished with a natural oxidized texture to capture perfectly the animal designs.

We offer a gold version of some of the be.do.co designs, created with 18Kt gold plate over 92.5% sterling silver. Gold plate is an electro-plated system of applying a layer of gold over the silver surface. We add a ceramic coating over the gold plate on all our gold rings for extra-holding power. Be mindful that despite the ceramic coating, the gold plate will slowly wear off it if comes in contact with harsh chemicals, body oils, ocean or pool water. That said, do apply your lotion, make-up or perfume before putting on your jewelry.

Some be.do.co designs are created using brass, copper, bronze and white bronze. These metals are all nickel-free and lead-free. We use either a simple lacquer coating, or a stronger ceramic coating that locks in the fresh metal color for much longer.

be.do.co is inspired by many things, and one of them is of course, nature. Just like us, our stones and beads come in many different shapes and sizes, so we hope you see the beauty in them as we do. Natural stones can be quite fragile, so please wear them with care.